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  • 26 April 2005 14:38

VERITAS Doubles Its Addressable Market for Records Retention and Management with Release of Enterprise Vault 6.0

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VERITAS Doubles Its Addressable Market for Records Retention and Management with Release of Enterprise Vault 6.0

New version simplifies corporate governance polices; helps lower data management costs

SAN FRANCISCO – VERITAS VISION™ 2005 – April 26, 2005 – VERITAS Software Corporation (Nasdaq: VRTS) today announced the upcoming release of its VERITAS Enterprise Vault™ e-mail and content archiving software signaling an evolution from an e-mail archiving tool to a comprehensive records retention and management platform. Enterprise Vault 6.0, enables organizations to archive and manage e-mail data, instant messages, Microsoft SharePoint documents, and Microsoft Windows and Network Appliance file systems. Enterprise Vault 6.0 provides a secure, tamper-proof central repository for these business records, helping companies comply with all electronic records retention regulations while driving down costs through improved user productivity and efficient use of storage hardware.

Enterprise Vault 6.0 can now manage information created on more than 90 percent of the world’s leading messaging systems with the introduction of support for Lotus Domino/Notes. According to Gartner, by 2003, the new license revenue share total of IBM Lotus Domino/Notes was 46 percent. The addition of Domino/Notes support more than doubles the percentage of worldwide corporate e-mail users who can deploy Enterprise Vault software to gain control of their rapidly growing electronic records stores.

Corporate Governance Policies Simplified Regulations such as SEC 17a-4, NASD 3010, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) directly or indirectly require enterprises to retain and supervise all electronic documents, including e-mail. Additionally, e-mail is commonly presented as evidence in court, so having advanced e-mail discovery capabilities can provide an advantage in litigation support. Enhancements to the Enterprise Vault Compliance and Discovery Accelerators enable organizations to exploit archived content for compliance and legal protection. Enterprise Vault Compliance Accelerator helps ensure compliance with NASD’s strict e-records retention and supervision requirements. In the event of a lawsuit or subpoena, Enterprise Vault Discovery Accelerator helps appropriate legal personnel to efficiently manage the e-discovery process, eliminating the high costs and man-hours associated with labor intensive searches of individual backup tapes for requested records.

A key component of an organization’s regulatory compliance policy is keeping data on Write Once Read Many (WORM) storage technologies that prevent against tampering or accidental loss or deletion of records. Enterprise Vault software enables customers to take advantage of all storage platforms designed to assure long-term content authenticity, including EMC’s Centera, Network Appliance’s NearStore® and IBM’s TotalStorage DR550 storage hardware systems. Enterprise Vault 6.0 facilitates the migration of data from tape to these faster, less costly disk-based storage devices and can scale to enable customers to take advantage of new storage technologies as they become available.

“Over the past two years as businesses have increasingly turned to IT for help in satisfying their regulatory requirements, Enterprise Vault software has emerged as a clear market leader,” said Jeremy Burton, executive vice president, data management group, VERITAS Software. “Enterprise Vault is a proven technology, with more than 1,200 customer installations worldwide to date managing over 2.4 million mailboxes. The new 6.0 release more than doubles our addressable market by introducing support for Lotus Domino/Notes and enhancing our Microsoft Exchange capabilities.”

Microsoft Exchange PST Saves Storage, Time and Money End users create PST files when they exceed their Microsoft Exchange disk space quota, which only shifts the storage management problem rather than solve it. Users save their older e-mails to PST files on corporate file servers so they can delete them from the Exchange system and reduce their disk usage. This creates a highly distributed, unmanageable environment resulting in regulatory exposure and a huge headache for IT when they want to upgrade Exchange Servers and preserve all the users’ data – they have no idea where the PSTs are. This also forces users to waste time searching for specific records and slows worker productivity.

Enterprise Vault 6.0 introduces a new PST sniffer that can locate PST files anywhere on a corporate network. The Exchange administrator can consolidate, compress and manage PSTs centrally, leaving placeholders so the users never notice. This centralized management of PSTs helps ensure data is not accidentally lost or deleted, makes these records instantly available enterprise-wide and simplifies Exchange upgrade or migration processes.

“Our employees were using Microsoft PST files stored across numerous file servers for their e-mail, and as many of these PST files grew to one gigabyte or larger, they would begin to corrupt,” says Kevin Ladd, Director of Infrastructure, Direct Media Inc. “Also, our daily differential backups were extremely time consuming because we had to back up the entire PST file if even just one e-mail was added. We implemented Enterprise Vault to create a central e-mail archive, which preserves critical business records and makes them immediately available to all employees. In addition, we eliminated the requirement to purchase USD $60,000 worth of incremental e-mail servers, storage and backup equipment that would have been necessary to keep pace with our rapid e-mail growth.”

Beyond Messaging While e-mail has become the business world’s primary communications channel, companies are using other tools, such as Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2003, to create and distribute documents. Because SharePoint stores all drafts of a document, an even higher percentage of that storage volume can be considered historic. Because this presents a strong business need for archiving, Enterprise Vault 6.0 now fully supports SharePoint Portal Server 2003.

Enterprise Vault and NetBackup: Improving Data Migration and Protection Older data is accessed less frequently, and archiving plays an important role in storing that data more efficiently. To date Enterprise Vault software has provided the ability to migrate data from expensive primary storage to cheaper near-line disk or fixed content devices for regulatory purposes. However, the long-term medium of choice for many organizations is tape. Through its Open Storage Layer, Enterprise Vault 6.0 delivers integration with the VERITAS NetBackup™ 6.0 Media Manager to allow seamless migration of data to tape through the vast array of tape devices that NetBackup software supports. This allows existing NetBackup customers to leverage their investment in existing capital assets for the purpose of archiving as well as backup.

Additional Details For a complete listing of the new features and extensive enhancements available in VERITAS Enterprise Vault 6.0 software, customers can visit:

Availability VERITAS Enterprise Vault 6.0 software is scheduled to be available on July 2005.

About VERITAS Software VERITAS Software, one of the 10 largest software companies in the world, is a leading provider of software and services to enable utility computing. In a utility computing model, IT resources are aligned with business needs, and business applications are delivered with optimal performance and availability on top of shared computing infrastructure, minimizing hardware and labor costs. With 2004 revenue of $2.04 billion, VERITAS delivers products and services for data protection, storage & server management, high availability and application performance management that are used by 99 percent of the Fortune 500. More information about VERITAS Software can be found at

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