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  • 29 July 2007 10:29

CommSecure Plants 620 Trees to Spread the Green Message

e-Billing Solutions Company Gets Serious About Slashing Australia’s Paper Consumption

Australian e-billing solutions company, CommSecure Limited (ASX:CMS), today planted 620 native trees and shrubs in Loyal Henry Park, Roseville, to mark National Tree Day and raise awareness about environmental issues amongst its staff, clients and partners.

Australia’s leading supplier of Electronic Billing, Presentment and Payment solutions, CommSecure is on a mission to replace the 120 million paper bills printed and mailed in Australia every month with digital invoices that can be viewed and paid online.

E-Billing to Save A Million Trees a Year CommSecure’s chief executive officer Peter Townsley says a move to e-billing would save around 1.2 million trees each year while dramatically improving the efficiency and speed of billing and payment processes for both companies and individuals.

“There is no benefit for companies in continuing to rely on traditional paper billing systems when there are far more efficient, cost-effective and eco-sensitive solutions available,” he said. “Australians consume a huge amount of paper every year by printing and mailing invoices and that carries an enormous fiscal and environmental cost.”

CommSecure staff and partners at the tree planting ceremony wore T-shirts with the slogan “Plant a Seed – Demand Your Bills Online”. Mr Townsley said the message was designed to encourage consumers to exercise ‘people power’ in effecting a shift to electronic billing.

Opportunity for Consumers to Drive Change “At the moment, the bank-owned BPAY View® e-bill presentment service has the support of 71 financial institutions and 371,000 Australian customers, but only 26 merchants have registered to present and process their bill payments online. Despite this, around 250,000 bills were presented electronically during April 2007, although this is only a small percentage of the 14 million paper bills paid via BPAY every month.”

Mr Townsley said that as awareness grows of the many benefits of the online approach, he hopes to see more consumers subscribing to BPAY View and demanding that their suppliers do the same.

CommSecure chose to participate in National Tree Day because of the enormous benefits trees offer the environment, including their ability to: • Absorb carbon dioxide and manufacture oxygen; • Reduce the greenhouse effect and slow the impact of global warming. (It takes 17 trees every year to counter the greenhouse gas emissions of one private motor vehicle.); • Combat soil erosion and landslides; • Improve water quality by filtering pesticides and unwanted nutrients; and • Help to enrich soil quality by converting nitrogen to nitrates.

Green Approach Offers Competitive Advantage Mr Townsley said good corporate governance and environmental responsibility have also emerged as key drivers for decision making and market differentiation. “Concern over the critical state of the planet has finally reached the boardroom and companies are discovering that giving their profile a greener tinge not only helps the environment, but adds to their bottom line as well.” He said Australians produce over 550 million tonnes of greenhouse gases each year, which is the highest rate of emissions per capita in the world. “Today’s consumers want government and business to make a greater contribution to improving our environment with more initiatives to cut paper consumption, plant trees and reduce carbon emissions.”

CommSecure’s initial planting project of 620 trees on Sunday will neutralise the greenhouse gases produced by almost 37 cars for a year. “The trees we have planted in Loyal Henry Park will help counter the environmental impact of our company as well as many of our suppliers and clients,” he said.

“In addition to planting a native tree or shrub for each of our business partners and their families, we’ve been able to use this initiative to more effectively communicate our green stance and encourage our partners to become more aware of the impact of their own actions on the environment. We’ve been delighted with the response, with many of our clients telling us that they’re now planning tree planting projects of their own or deciding to become involved in other environmental initiatives.”

To maintain the momentum, CommSecure plans to email each employee and business partner with photographs of the tree planting event and the continuing progress of the native plants.

Ku-ring-gai Mayor Commends CommSecure Initiative Speaking at yesterday’s National Tree Day event, Ku-ring-gai Mayor, Councillor Nick Ebbeck congratulated CommSecure on its commitment to environmental responsibility and the example it set for other local businesses.

“I applaud CommSecure's donation as it's great to see a local business joining with Council and the community in doing something positive for our precious environment. Ku-ring-gai is famous for its trees and urban bushland setting - and we proudly celebrate every National Tree Day to recognise the importance of trees to our community.

“CommSecure's significant contribution of 620 trees means we will be able to plant a total of more than 2000 trees at Loyal Henry Park, Roseville. I congratulate CommSecure for this donation and call on other local businesses to follow CommSecure's example and support future National Tree Days.”

A Family Affair CommSecure went out of its way to make National Tree Day a family affair, inviting staff, suppliers, customers and all their families to the planting ceremony and encouraging everyone to get busy with seedlings and shovels.

Mr Townsley said the company plans to make the tree planting ceremony an annual event and hopes to significantly increase the number of trees planted in 2008 as more customers and partners come alongside and offer their support.


About CommSecure ( CommSecure (ASX:CMS) is a leading Australian supplier of secure end-to-end e-business solutions, encompassing billing, payment, receivables and records archiving, for utilities, government, banking & finance, telecommunications and other large organisations.

CommSecure’s BillSecure, PaySecure, DDRSecure and IVRSecure products reduce costs and increase consumer loyalty and satisfaction by encouraging self-service, allowing consumers to pay through multiple channels, including online and IVR, by credit card and direct debit.

Customers include Alinta, Austereo, AXA, Brisbane City Council, Chubb Security, Country Energy, MLC and Primus Telecommunications.

For further information please contact: Peter Townsley CommSecure 02 9497 4400 Shuna Boyd BoydPR 02 9418 8100

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