Stories by Lucas Mearian

Wet future for storage predicted as disks reach limits

Using a combination of water and a piece of wire 100,000 times thinner than a hair, researchers at several leading universities are developing a new data storage medium that has data transfer rates as fast as RAM.

Nationwide reveals secrets of successful storage

Nationwide Mutual, a US insurance company, has consolidated 14 distributed SANs (storage area networks) into four, housed in two production datacentres, in just 90 days. To add to its achievement, the company used only four full-time storage experts for the actual migration. The result: by simplifying its SAN architecture, Nationwide doubled the number of terabytes its administrator can manage.

Google Earth's photographer builds out infrastructure

The company responsible for those cool satellite images accessed by millions of Google Earth users said this week that it has almost completed an enormous upgrade to its internal IT infrastructure to increase production and support the launch of two more imagery satellites over the next two years.

SenSage, EMC offer security monitoring bundle

EMC and data management software vendor SenSage Tuesday announced a bundled storage and security software offering that enables IT managers to monitor IT events from a single database repository.

Data storage policies found wanting

Despite advances in tiered storage technology, many IT managers say they have no idea of the value of their companies’ data and can’t manage it in any automated way.

US steelmaker CIO gives lowdown on ERP upgrade

Steel processor Worthington Industries is eight months into a 42-month, multimillion-dollar ERP consolidation project using Oracle as its core database across its lines of business and software from Cognos to help lower the cost of inventory. Worthington CIO Jonathan Dove spoke with Computerworld US last week at the CIO Symposium conference in Ohio about the project — and about the changing role of the CIO. Worthington is a $US2.3 billion company with 6,700 employees. Excerpts of the interview with Dove follow:

EMC releases upgraded ControlCenter

EMC Monday announced the latest version of its flagship storage management software, which it said offers "more complete support" for competing products such as arrays from Hewlett-Packard (HP), Hitachi Data Systems and IBM, as well as Linux servers.

Hitachi mixes Fibre Channel, Serial ATA drives

Hitachi Data Systems will announce plans to mix Fibre Channel and Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (ATA) disk drives in its midrange arrays -- a move that puts a different twist on the emerging trend to support different types of drives in a single enclosure.

Sun revamps storage line, pricing

Sun Microsystems has announced its first near-line arrays based on Serial Advanced Technology Attachment disk drives, which it claims will offer 70 per cent more storage capacity than similarly priced Fibre Channel-based disk arrays.

Microsoft execs fire back at NetApp comments

In a recent interview, Network Appliance CEO Dan Warmenhoven claimed that Microsoft's Windows Storage Server 2003 NAS platform was no competition because it's a low-end product. Microsoft asked for a chance to rebut that view and talk about the company's storage road map. Below are excerpts from a Computerworld interview with Yuval Neeman, corporate vice president for storage and platform solutions, and Marcus Schmidt, senior product manager for Microsoft Windows Storage Server 2003.

EMC, Dell launch Piranha SAN

EMC Corp. and Dell Inc. Wednesday announced their lowest-priced array that can be preconfigured as a storage-area network (SAN) with backup and management software. EMC CEO Joe Tucci painted the market for the product, called Piranha, with a broad brush, saying it will span everything from small businesses to distributed enterprises.

IBM touts EMC battle plan, unveils storage hardware

IBM Corp. Wednesday unveiled its first write-once, read-many (WORM) tape cartridge, which it said will help users address regulatory compliance issues, and announced a new nearline disk array aimed at the entry-level storage market.