Stories by David Newman

Huawei: Separating fact from fiction

Chinese telecom provider Huawei was hardly a household word a few months ago, but it's had lots of negative publicity of late, from an Economist cover story to a 60 Minutes piece.

WAN acceleration offers huge payoff

Imagine walking into the CIO's office tomorrow and saying: "I can cut our WAN consumption by as much as 80 times, speed file transfers as much as 45 times and make our Windows users a whole lot happier." Think you'd get the CIO's attention?

Cisco review: How we did it

FRAMINGHAM (10/17/2003) - We asked vendors to supply two switch chassis, up to four 10G Ethernet interfaces, and a total of 24 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces. As in an earlier review, we assessed device performance in terms of pure 10G bit/sec throughput, delay and jitter; 1G bit/sec throughput, delay and jitter across a 10 Gigabit backbone; failover times; and quality-of-service enforcement. For this review, we also added enhanced failover tests and new events for IPv6 forwarding and routing.

WLAN review: How we did it

FRAMINGHAM (09/17/2003) - We asked wireless LAN switch providers to supply two switches and at least four 802.11b access points for this evaluation. We assessed products in terms of provisioning, management, security and performance.

Aruba, Airespace top performance tests

FRAMINGHAM (09/17/2003) - When it comes to wireless LANs, which matters most: security, provisioning, management or performance? If you answered "all," there are a bunch of WLAN switch vendors eager for your business. Each vendor in this emerging product category says it delivers all of the above, and more.