Stories by Howard Dahdah

It falls 8% short, but Conroy accepts Telstra’s NBN bid

At 12 pages and almost 1000 pages less than Optus-led Terria bid, Telstra’s proposal to construct the National Broadband Network will be considered for the $4.7 billion project, Communications Minister Stephen Conroy said on Wednesday.

Linux takes a seat on Qantas' new superjumbo

Linux will be a passenger in every seat on Qantas' Airbus A380s airplanes. All of the airline's superjumbos — the first of which will commence flying next week — will have their in flight entertainment systems powered by the operating system.

Google's Schmidt has his head in the clouds

Changes to Google Apps over the coming year will entice more businesses to jump over to the delivery of applications over the internet, Google CEO Eric Schmidt said during a recent visit to Australia.

Electric nanotech T-shirt

Nanotechnology researchers have developed a shirt that brings new meaning to the slogan "power to the people". The researchers, from the Georgia Institute of Technology, claim that what you wear may soon be enough to power your MP3 player.

Aussie networking startup opens its gear to US

Australian startup Opengear is out to woo system administrators and network managers at the LinuxWorld conference held in Boston recently, showcasing networking products developed in its Brisbane lab.

Australia could learn from Dutch broadband experience

Being geographically compact, having a government that fosters a competitive telco environment and being home to a major transcontinental internet exchange makes Holland the number one broadband nation in Europe, a Dutch delegation told Australian counterparts last week.

Regulatory uncertainty is costing us, says Telstra

Changing the regulatory framework of the telecommunications industry is needed quickly, says Telstra which claims the regulatory uncertainty is costing it the deployment of its next-generation networks, while at the same time providing a leg up for its competitors.

Mozilla 'dirty deed' brings out a Firey response

That free lovin' spirit shared among the open source community has been ruffled this week after a decision by The Mozilla Organization to change the name of its browser-only product to Firebird. This has landed it in trouble with a database project of the same name.

Aussie gov't to follow up on open source interest

Open source seminars sponsored by the National Office for the Information Economy (NOIE) may become a regular feature in Canberra after a successful gathering of speakers and CIOs from government departments and agencies earlier this week.