Stories by Sarah Putt

The case of the disappearing revenues

At the Telecommunications and ICT Summit during the CEO Series, as each panellist completed their speech they left the stage, leaving the final speaker Kordia's Geoff Hunt to remark that he felt as if he were in an Agatha Christie novel: what was up with the disappearing chief executives?

Crown Fibre seeks input on regulation

ICT Minister Steven Joyce announced today that Crown Fibre Holdings will put out a “request for refined proposals” to all bidders in the government’s Ultra Fast Broadband initiative.
He says the “refined proposals” are to seek feedback around potential regulatory settings for the $1.5 billion fibre broadband network and to determine whether Local Fibre Cos should provide Layer 2 (that is active electronics) services.

Taxpayers should put up $5 billion for broadband: Vodafone CEO

Taxpayers should foot the bill for the government’s Ultra Fast Broadband network, according to Vodafone CEO Russell Stanners.
Speaking at the Telecommunications and ICT Summit in Auckland, Stanners suggested that the government should increase its investment from $1.5 billion to $5 billion in the UFB. He compared the proposed fibre network to the roading network and pointed out that while $30 million of public money (for example user road charges, fuel taxes, rates) will be spent on the roading network in the next ten years, only $1.5 billion of taxpayer money will be spent on the Ultra Fast Broadband network.

Build it and see – how to roll out rural broadband

In 1973 Britain joined the European Union and New Zealand pledged to diversify its economy away from primary sector exports. More than three decades later, delegates at the TUANZ Rural Broadband Symposium were told that 47% of the country’s exports are produced by 2% of the population.