Stories by Sarah Putt

Kordia abandons trans-Tasman cable plan

Kordia’s plans to build a trans-Tasman cable have been shelved following Pacific Fibre’s announcement that it is partnering with Pacnet on a new international cable connecting New Zealand, Australia and the US.
“There’s only room for one cable across the Tasman and our project was always a trans-Tasman project,” Kordia CEO Geoff Hunt says. “Once they’ve (Pacific Fibre) got to a position where they can launch the project there wouldn’t be a business case to launch a second cable,” Hunt says.

ITCRA clarifies questions raised by online comments

Earlier this year, Computerworld published an interview with Recruit IT director John Wyatt, which discussed whether IT firms were specific enough when writing job descriptions for roles they seek to fill.

The story of R: a statistical tale with a twist

Next month the creators of R will receive the inaugrual Statistical Computing and Graphics Award from the American Statistical Association. It will be further recognition for Associate Professor Ross Ihaka who won the Pickering Medal in 2008. So what is R, how was it created, and why does it matter to so many in academia — and in business — around the world?

TVNZ back catalogue under siege

The New Zealand taxpayer has been paying for television content for 50 years — so who should own that content, and should it be given away to anyone who wants to screen it?

Redefining the 'last mile' with UFB initiative

The government's ultra fast broadband network has been designed to avoid vertical integration, so the company that owns the infrastructure has no commercial interest in any of the companies that are providing the services that are run across it.

Curse of the quarter acre section

The deployment of Ultra Fast Broadband will be more of a civil engineering challenge than an electrical engineering or communications one, according to Crown Fibre Holdings (CFH) CEO Graham Mitchell.

Open access isn't good enough - Kordia

The government is touting the Ultra Fast Broadband initiative as an open access fibre network, but Kordia says this is not the same thing as pricing equivalence.

Updated: 2degrees rejoins telco body

Fledgling mobile operator 2degrees has rejoined the Telecommunications Carriers Forum, a year after it left the organisation claiming it was controlled by the large carriers.