Stories by David Geer

The Internet of Things: Top five threats to IoT devices

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a mass of billions of connected devices from cars to wireless wearable products. Cisco's Internet Business Solutions Group estimated 12.5 billion connected devices in existence globally as of 2010 with that number doubling to 25 billion by 2015.

Best practices for safely moving data in and out of the Cloud

As everyone knows, Cloud provider, Nirvanix, recently fell apart, declaring bankruptcy and leaving its customers in the lurch. Nirvanix gave enterprises less than a month to move their data to a new home. To avoid the fate of those customers, follow these best practices for safely moving data in and out of the Cloud.

Surfing the mobile wave a test for IT

At many companies, users have got ahead of themselves — and IT, too — in the rush for the latest mobile devices, unaware of the challenges they pose. “They don’t realise it takes infrastructure, a wireless signal and a whole bunch of things before you can use a handheld,” says Hap M Cluff, director of IT for the city of Norfolk, Virginia.