Stories by David Weinberger

Learning from political blogging

Knowing that I'm a supporter of the Howard Dean campaign (disclosure: I have the title "Senior Internet Advisor" with the campaign, which means much less than it sounds like), a friend of mine, a well-known blogger, complained that the Dean campaign's blog maybe isn't really a blog. This friend has in the past maintained that just about everything is a blog, so I was surprised. On the other hand, consistency is the hobgoblin of small blogs. (And with that, every cliched expression has been used at least once with the word "blog" inserted into it. We can all relax now.)

When good computers go bad

I'm not looking for hints, ideas, suggestions or, least of all, the command to "Get a Mac!" Not unless you tell me that Macintoshes never break. No, all I want is your pity.