Stories by Phil Hochmuth

Foundry goes big with BigIron RX32 switch

Foundry Networks launched its largest Ethernet switch to date at the recent Interop show in Las Vegas — the BigIron RX32, a 32-slot, 5.1 terabit-per-second Ethernet switch aimed at high-end datacentres and campus LAN backbones. Foundry also announced new software which turns Foundry Layer 4-7 switches into antispam and application firewall devices.

Unified networks – on their way, but still snags

Ethernet switch vendors who offer combined or unified LAN and WLAN gear say the ultimate goal is to get wired and wireless network technologies to appear as a single network access layer. However, switch vendors and industry experts say this is still a way off — both in terms of the technology, and the demand for unified gear from users.

For Avaya and Nortel CEOs, VoIP software is hot

The future of Avaya’s and Nortel’s respective VoIP businesses is in software, as well as strong partnerships with enterprise-class application vendors, the chief executives of both companies said this month.

Avaya CEO on changes, competition and copyright

Louis D’Ambrosio became top guy at Avaya last July, making him only the company’s second CEO since 2000, when it was spun off from Lucent’s legacy business telephony arm — a group which created the first cellphone and packet PBX. At the recent VoiceCon show, D’Ambrosio spoke about the changes and challenges facing the company.

Cisco's top five challenges for 2007

Network professionals always need to have an eye on what Cisco is up to. Here are five key developments Cisco will be spearheading in the year ahead.

Siemens, team up for VOIP/Web apps

Siemens and announced an integration deal this week that will let users integrate hosted <a href="">CRM</a> software with <a href="">VoIP</a> applications.

Chambers talks of changing Cisco’s software model

Enterprise network professionals can expect changes in how Cisco sells the software that runs its routers and switches over the next few years, the company&#8217;s CEO told reporters at Cisco&#8217;s Networkers customer conference earlier this month.