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Shark Tank: Priorities

An electrical shutdown is scheduled on the weekend for a building at the company where this pilot fish works. "It was to allow tree people to cut down two trees," says fish. "They had grown through the power supply lines, causing arcing and outages due to blown transformer breakers when wet branches contacted bare wires during rainstorms." Fish figures it'll be good to have the power problems finally dealt with, but he's not really worried. For years, IT staffers have dutifully installed surge protectors for every PC in the building. But, taking no chances, IT e-mails each user in the building, advising them to power down their PCs before leaving work on Friday to avoid damage from possible power surges. "Monday morning brought panicked calls for help from several folks who were unable to power their PCs up," fish says. "They wanted their computers up now! Technicians responded and found several blown power supplies. They were able to bring the PCs back to life after installing new power supplies. "Technicians also found that these folks had been using their surge protectors as extension cords for coffee pots, radios, etc. They had plugged their PCs into unprotected power sources. "But at least no coffee pots or radios were damaged."