Stories by Bob Trott

Microsoft Looks at Windows NT beyond 5.0

Windows NT 5.0 is still a far-off product by virtually any measure, but that didn't stop Microsoft officials from talking enthusiastically about the software giant's plans for the operating system beyond Version 5.0 this week.

NT 5.0 Beta 2: Sooner, Not Later?

At long last, Microsoft is ready to roll out Beta 2 of Windows NT 5.0 at a technical workshop this coming week in Seattle, if weekend work on the latest release candidate has gone as planned, according to sources close to the company.
"If what you see (at the Windows NT 5.0 Technical Workshop) isn't Beta 2, it'll be very close," one beta tester who requested anonymity said.

Microsoft works on NT security fix

Windows NT security teams are offering hot fixes for the "privilege elevation attack", a security flaw in NT that can grant system administrator's rights to any network user. The program, called sechole.exe, was created by a group of programmers in India, according to Microsoft.

Microsoft planning third beta of NT 5.0

For months, high-tech industry seers have predicted that Microsoft won't be able to ship its much-ballyhooed Windows NT 5.0 until at least a year from now - a far cry from the company's original hopes to have the technology on shelves by now.

Microsoft Readies Chrome, IE 5.0 Betas

Microsoft is ramping up efforts to woo developers with Beta 2 of its interactive media graphics tool, code-named Chrome, set to enter the private testing phase, and the release of the developer-focused preview of Internet Explorer 5.0.