Stories by Bob Trott

Novell advances its Directory for NT

With the release of Novell Directory Services (NDS) for Windows NT 2.0, Novell plans to move into branch offices and departments with a version of the product that does not require a NetWare server to physically be on the site.

Microsoft debates easing WTS requirements

With many customers voicing dissatisfaction about the Windows NT prices they must pay for Windows Terminal Server (WTS), Microsoft is rethinking the cost structure of its thin-client solution.

Windows crack'd? Product ills exposed

Users who follow Microsoft's advice to blend all of its products into one harmonious enterprise mix are starting to feel burned as the software behemoth struggles to address issues ranging from piracy to bug fixes to slipping ship dates.

Windows NT 5.0 gets bigger and later

As Windows NT 5.0 beta testers wallow in the huge changes to the technology - Microsoft developers continue to push more features into the OS. The features come in spite of the fact that Microsoft officials said Beta 2 of the product, released recently, was "feature-complete".