Stories by Bob Trott

Office 2000 set to hit the street

Microsoft is gearing up for a June release of Office 2000 with a raft of partner announcements and a focus on the desktop productivity suite's Internet and componentisation capabilities.

IE 5.0 to make its debut on March 18

Criticised in the past for its "Windows now, everybody else later" approach, Microsoft will release the latest version of its browser, Internet Explorer 5.0, on March 18 for a wide range of platforms, the company announced yesterday.

Installation, security woes dog NT 4.0 SP4

Microsoft is dealing with more woes surrounding Service Pack 4 (SP4) of Windows NT Server 4.0. The software giant is working on an SP4 installation problem that affects users with specific configurations, and plans to issue a fix this week. Additionally, Microsoft support-line engineers compounded worries for some customers by describing the fix as a "major re-release" of the service pack.