Stories by Bob Trott

Microsoft: Office 2000 has spreadsheet bug

Microsoft has discovered a security flaw in Excel 2000 that is similar to one found in the previous version of the spreadsheet software, the company announced last week.

Microsoft takes wraps off Embedded NT

Microsoft officially moved into the embedded systems market last week with the release of Windows NT Embedded 4.0, which the company is aiming at retail sales, telecommunications, manufacturing, Internet appliances, and other vertical markets.

Microsoft moving on consumer Windows

The next consumer Windows operating system, already enshrouded by Microsoft with the catch phrase, "It just works", is expected to be released next year.

Microsoft Execs Paint Rosy, Challenging Future

SEATTLE (07/22/99) - When it comes to the PC, Microsoft Corp. is in the midst of a balancing act -- trying to maintain the genre's vitality, in which it has an obvious stake, while at the same time moving beyond the PC with Windows.