Stories by Bob Trott

Microsoft Readies Exchange 2000

Microsoft put another piece of its enterprise server puzzle in place Thursday when it released Exchange 2000 to manufacturing.

Gates Looks to Assure Wall Street

Microsoft Corp. Chairman Bill Gates pitched his .NET concept to Wall Street here Thursday, offering a glimpse of the software giant's future to the analysts who make "buy" or "sell" recommendations on its stock.

Microsoft Bakes Cookie Management

Answering its critics of privacy policies, Microsoft Corp. said Thursday it would offer an update to its Web browser that would let users reject third-party cookies.

Microsoft -- The Next Generation

After months of promises and false starts, Microsoft Corp. moved to make Windows relevant in the post-PC centric computing era on Thursday with the unveiling of Next Generation Windows Services (NGWS).

Gates Sells 'Phase 3' of Internet to CEOs

Hosting more than 160 CEOs from around the world, Microsoft Corp. Chairman and Chief Software Architect Bill Gates painted a future of technology and the Internet that will emphasize personalization and desktop-free computing.

Microsoft Ships BizTalk Preview

Microsoft Corp. today released a "technology preview" of its XML-embracing BizTalk Server 2000, a key piece of its Internet business-to-business strategy.

Microsoft's Whistler OS Gets Unscheduled Debut

Microsoft officials were trying to figure out today how a copy of Whistler, the next-generation version of consumer Windows that will be based on Windows 2000, was posted on the Internet for download.

Dell CEO Clarifies Windows 2000 Comments

Dell CEO Michael Dell sought to clarify his expectations for Windows 2000 on Tuesday, saying his comments that Microsoft's operating system will not boost sales should not be read as a criticism of the product.

MS/DoJ: Judge appoints mediator

The prospect of a settlement between the US federal government and Microsoft in the antitrust case against the software giant has grown stronger, as US District Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson appointed a mediator to the case.