Stories by Sean Bacher

Palm Zire 72 will blow your mind

PalmOne Inc., previously known as Palm, has recently launched the latest addition to its range of PDAs -- the Palm Zire 72. This PDA is geared for both business users and consumers alike, catering for the needs of both.

Crank up the juice

At some point or another, I am sure you have all heard about M-Web's Web Accelerator. In a nutshell it makes your browsing experience that much faster, almost as if you are using two 56K lines to connect to the Internet instead of one. However, reality and perception are two different things, and all that the M-Web Accelerator is, is an application running locally that caches common data sent from your machine to the ISP and vice versa.

May the force be with you

Sun Microsystems Inc., in partnership with CheckPoint Software Technologies Ltd., recently launched the iForce VPN Firewall, an all-in-one network security solution aimed at the small to medium-sized business.