Stories by Maryfran Johnson

A CIO's Survival Guide to Saying No

One of the toughest leadership challenges for CIOs today is having to refuse business requests for new technology. Here's how to keep the lines of IT-business communication open while communicating honestly with your fellow executives.

Big Brother's Mining Our Data, Do We Care?

CIO magazine Editor in Chief Maryfran Johnson considers our June 1 cover story on Equifax's new business strategy, which involves massive amounts of consumer and business data. Gen Y is at the edge of a brand new world devoid of privacy. Do they care?

Three steps to combatting rogue IT

Business users everywhere these days seem to be losing their collective minds and going rogue. Not in the inimitable style of a certain former governor of Alaska, but in the combative style of impatient teenagers who want what they want when they want it. (That would be now.)

Hyperion CEO on business intelligence

Hyperion Solutions Corp.'s user conference in Chicago this week drew more than 3,000 customers to talk about business performance management software and its impact on how their companies manage finances and comply with new government regulations. With its acquisition of Brio Software last year, Sunnyvale, Calif.-based Hyperion expanded its user base from 6,000 to 9,000 customers worldwide.

Vendor vision quests

There's something ironic about the way so many vendors are talking about simplifying computing environments yet struggling to explain their visions in terms that make sense to anybody.

Gridlock reality

If you take a big swig of vendor cordial from IBM, HP, Sun or Oracle these days, it’ll taste a whole lot like grid computing. The actual flavour might be labelled (or mislabelled) as something else: utility, on-demand, autonomic, adaptive or even pervasive computing. But the upshot will be this notion of making miraculously cost-effective use of idle networked computing resources.

Ethics and influence

FRAMINGHAM (10/16/2003) - Show us your ethics, or we'll show you the door. Earn back our trust in your objectivity. Prove the value of your research to our businesses today.

Credibility at stake

FRAMINGHAM (10/02/2003) - Another report on Microsoft made front-page news last week, once again raising credibility questions and controversy. This time, the story started out being about one thing -- a research report claiming that there are global security threats inherent in Microsoft's monopoly position in IT infrastructures -- but ended up being about quite another.

Spam fighters respond

My heart skittered with alarm last week when I saw our headline "Electronic retailers hurt by spam flood", and the avid online shopper in me snapped to attention. The latest nefarious side effect of the junk e-mail flood is that many legitimate marketing messages -- updates that people actually want -- are being filtered out and forever lost.

Killer app revealed

"I think I'd like to telecommute," my 17-year-old daughter, Katy, told me last week. At first I laughed. "What are you talking about? You've got a summer job!"

Windows homeland

It is hard to believe it has been only eight years since Bill Gates changed everything with that historic announcement at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, when he proclaimed Windows XP the "digital hub" for the home.