Stories by LinuxWorld staff

Linux vendors warn of security holes

Major Linux vendors, including Novell, Red Hat, the Gentoo Foundation, and MandrakeSoft, have warned of potential security holes in two Linux components. The vulnerabilities are related to LHA, a compression module, and lmlib, a library used in graphics viewing applications in Gnome. Patches are available to correct both possible entry points.

Skype hype continues as Skype 1.0 is released

According to Skype Technologies, since the launch of its public beta program in August 2003 the company has attracted more than 7.7 million users across every country in the world.

Novell: Mono 1.0 Now Available

Novell Inc. Wednesday announced the availability of Mono 1.0, the open source development platform based on the .NET framework that allows software developers to build Linux and cross-platform apps.

TeamQuest supports IBM zSeries SUSE Linux systems

TeamQuest is providing support for the IBM zSeries with a comprehensive SUSE LINUX solution. As more businesses rely on mainframe servers to power their transformations into on-demand enterprises, the IBM zServer provides sophisticated workload management technology. The TeamQuest technology solution further enhances the optimizing and performance functionality of the IBM zSeries for customers who rely upon the SUSE LINUX Platform.

JAVAONE - Has MediaLive lost JavaOne too?

One day after the postponement announcement of Comdex by its owners MediaLive International Inc., the new rumor in the Valley - as delegates to the annual JavaOne conference start making their final travel preparations to arrive in San Francisco to attend this year's annual event next week - is that MediaLive just lost its bid to produce JavaOne next year and going forward.

First Linux-only retail store debuts

The first Linux retail computer store will have its grand opening this week, giving Linux enthusiasts an opportunity to preview and purchase the latest Linux products., in Toronto, opens its doors on June 26, and features Linspire-based laptops and desktops and the latest Linspire add-on software.

Hundred times more Linux cluster bandwidth, from HP

Hewlett-Packard this week announced a breakthrough file sharing product that uses new Linux clustering technology to deliver up to 100 times more bandwidth than typical clusters. The new product, HP StorageWorks Scalable File Share (HP SFS), is a self-contained file server that enables bandwidth to be shared by distributing files in parallel across clusters of industry-standard server and storage components.

Novell: 'McLinux' served in 1,200 German restaurants

Novell chose this month to showcase one of the success stories it has notched up since acquiring SUSE LINUX from SuSE GmbH last year: the IT systems of McDonald's restaurants throughout Germany are now Linux-based.

Xandros CEO hopes free Windows alternative succeeds

"Open computing is coming of age, and every desktop user should know that there's a full-featured Windows alternative out there," said the chairman and CTO of Xandros Inc., as he announced the release of a free Linux desktop he hopes will establish itself as the whole world's alternative to Windows.