Stories by Loretta W. Prencipe

Budgets, innovation top CIOs' 2003 agenda

In an environment of severe cost pressures, IT executives find they must clarify business and technology tradeoffs while ensuring faster innovation, according to a recent Gartner EXP survey.

And that's our final offer

Finding a career-making CTO position is as much about technology as it is about personal networks. CTO and other executive-level technology job opportunities are often uncovered through a technologist's contacts -- and a little luck.

Motivating top talent in tight times

Having talented individuals on your technology staff is not enough. Getting them to deliver consistent high-quality results with an eye to increasing revenue while driving down costs is foremost on every IT manager's mind. It can be a difficult challenge compounded by the loss of yesterday's "technology-for-technology's-sake" mind-set.