Stories by Gary Beach

The imperfect boss

At a recent CIO Perspectives conference, I sat in on an interesting session. On stage three CIOs debated the topic of reporting relationships. The crux of their discussion: should a CIO report to the CEO or the CFO?
The consensus seemed to be that it is much better for a CIO to report directly to the CEO (or COO). At companies where the CIO reports to the CEO, information technology is viewed as an investment. No one argued for a reporting relationship to the CFO because panellists claimed those companies that have one see IT as a cost to be managed, curtailed or cut.

An Apple for the enterprise

“If you want to sell more computers to the home market, sell more computers to the enterprise market.” That was how a Gartner research analyst answered an inquiry from a representative of a tier-three PC company in October 1995. Makes sense, doesn’t it? If I stare at a Dell computer on my desktop all day at work, Dell will most likely be top of mind when I’m in the market for a home computer.
I was thinking of that Gartner moment when I visited one of those hip Apple Computer retail stores and watched two IT professionals go ga-ga over the new iMac personal computer. I asked them what they thought of the machine.

Buy now or pay later

Anyone running Mac, Unix or Linux client operating systems can skip this. If you have Windows, read on.