Stories by Todd R.Weiss

Storage still a priority for IT despite economy

The economy may be in a recession, and the stock market may be going through convulsions -- prompting talk of possible hiring freezes and layoffs within IT departments. But at this point, data storage doesn't appear to be an area that many organisations are targeting for budget cuts.

Ubuntu unveils mobile custom OS

Ubuntu Linux has released the first developer's version of its new Ubuntu Mobile Internet Device (MID) Edition 8.04 operating system, which is aimed at device manufacturers building internet-ready handheld devices based on Intel's Atom processors.

Should local government tackle Web 2.0?

Online constituent services, security, privacy, data integrity and 24/7 operations are already on the lengthy to-do lists of busy government IT workers. Should Web 2.0 features be added to those lists and become another integral part of the online services government provides?

MTV touts benefits of JBoss enterprise open source

At the recent annual JBoss World user conference, earlier this month in the US, two themes were heard often when IT managers talked about adopting JBoss middleware applications within their businesses — simplifying and saving money.

Vendor upgrades brainy search app

Imagine being able to find a piece of obscure information on your hard drive quickly instead of having to remember where you saved it.

Red Hat launches community upgrade of Fedora

Red Hat has released the latest version of its Fedora Linux distribution. The biggest change is that the new release, which drops the old Fedora Core title, has a more open development chain, allowing open source community members wider involvement in Fedora’s step-by-step development.

Offshoring isn't just about the money: survey

Projected cost savings are almost always the key drawcard when companies consider sending some of their IT and business operations offshore. But performance gains can be a benefit of sending work overseas as well — as long as they are planned for from the start and built into contracts.

IT executives rise to multiple challenges

Darryl Lemecha’s career-defining moment as an IT executive began on the day in February 2005 when his company, ChoicePoint, had to notify 145,000 consumers that some of their personal information might have been obtained by identity thieves posing as operators of legitimate businesses.

Users rush to fix systems in time for daylight-saving

With only days to go before this year’s earlier than usual starting date for daylight-saving time in the US, a last-minute scramble is on inside many corporate IT departments to finish the process of evaluating and updating systems in order to stave off possible problems when the clocks are put forward an hour.

‘Vote-flipping’ is real, but the cause is still unclear

Before and during this month’s US mid-term elections, reports emerged that “vote-flipping” — where a voter selects a candidate using e-voting hardware and the machine counts the vote for another candidate — had occurred in some states.

Pay for non-certified US ICT workers rises

Continuing a recent trend, the average pay for US ICT workers with technical certifications continued to drop in the July-September quarter by an average of 2%, while pay for non-certified technology workers rose by an average of 1.4%, according to a study done by research firm Foote Partners.

Tested and true: little guys’ verdict on free Google apps

With limited IT budgets and technical staff, some small and medium-sized businesses have started kicking the tyres of Google’s free, web-based Google Apps for Your Domain desktop application suite. Some early users are finding that the software works well in smaller operations.