Stories by Jeremy Kirk

Virus count drops in email

The proportion of email messages that contain malware has fallen for the first six months this year compared to the same period last year, according to antivirus firm Sophos.

UK approves US request for hacker's extradition

A British court on Wednesday approved a request by the US for the extradition of an unemployed systems administrator who allegedly caused US$700,000 in damage by hacking into US military and government computers.

MS launches health IT initiative

Microsoft has initiated a new programme to push its software into the health-care industry, the company announced at the recent World Health Care Congress, held in Washington, DC last month.

Vista delay won't affect PC sales, IDC says

Microsoft's delay in shipping its Windows Vista operating system won't put a big dent in PC sales, although growth for the PC industry is going to slow in the coming years, IDC predicts.

Microsoft launches global antiphishing initiative

Microsoft on Monday unveiled a global initiative to crack down on cybercriminals who engage in phishing. The company will set in motion more than 100 legal actions against phishers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) by the end of June, according to a release.

New Trojan encrypts data, demands ransom

A virus that encrypts documents and demands a ransom to get them back is circulating on the Internet, but at least one security company has released the password needed to recover the files.

RFID tags are subject to viruses, says study

Three computer science researchers are warning that viruses embedded in radio tags used to identify and track goods are right around the corner, a danger so far overlooked by the industry's high interest in the technology.

Hacked bank server hosts phishing sites

Criminals appear to have hacked a Chinese bank's server and are using it to host phishing sites to steal personal data from customers of eBay and a major U.S. bank., according to Internet services company Netcraft.