Stories by Jeremy Kirk

SAP fund invests again

SAP has made an undisclosed investment in a Visiprise, which develops integration software for manufacturing companies that use SAP NetWeaver.

Xen will stay at virtualisation forefront: founder

As virtualsation technology gets increasing attention from large enterprises, the founder of the Xen open source project said recently that Xen will develop more quickly compared with competitors, including Microsoft and VMware.

UK police count 8,500 victims in data theft

British electronic-crime detectives are investigating a massive data theft operation that stole sensitive information from 8,500 people in the U.K. and others in some 60 countries, officials said Tuesday.

Spam-fighters – tricking the tricksters

Computer security analysts who fight spam face the same thankless task as goalkeepers: they don’t get much credit for the unsolicited email they stop, only demerits for the ones that get through.

Record number of phishing sites seen for July

Cybercriminals created a record number of phishing websites in July and also hijacked a record number of brands to help them do their work, says a consortium that monitors online fraud.

Sun inches closer to open-source Java

Sun Microsystems Inc. launched a portal site for its Java programming language on Tuesday as the company inches closer to making the Java code open source, a company executive said Tuesday.

AOL search data reportedly released

AOL LLC has apparently released details of Internet searches performed over a period of three months by hundreds of thousands of its subscribers, raising privacy concerns.

BT dumps contractor for UK health IT project

BT Group PLC is dumping one of its main contractors for the 10-year project to upgrade U.K.'s national health system in a move to deliver system upgrades faster, a spokesman for the telecommunications company said Tuesday.

Red Hat patent suit

Red Hat faces a patent infringement lawsuit over an application that came under its wing as a result of its acquisition of JBoss.

Auditors tell NHS to track IT suppliers

The UK National Health Service (NHS) ought to terminate and replace contractors if they don’t meet deadlines for its massive upgrade of England’s healthcare IT systems, a recent UK government audit report says.

Microsoft hit with second lawsuit over WGA

Microsoft has been hit with a second lawsuit over Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA), its antipiracy program that checks if the Windows operating system on a machine has a valid license.

ICANN settles feud with country-code TLD operator

The company that manages the UK's top-level domain has struck a truce with the US-based organization responsible for overseeing Internet domain names, cooling ongoing disagreements over administrative control of the Internet.