Stories by Megan Santosus

6 steps to boost datacentre power and cooling efficiency

A study released this summer by Stanford University professor Jonathan Koomey pegs growth in energy use among U.S. datacentres at 36 percent from 2005 to 2010 - which is slower than some had predicted but nonetheless significant.

4 Tips for keeping your datacentre cool this summer

Now that summer is in full swing, it's natural for IT shops to be concerned about keeping their data centers cool. But with limited budgets, keeping the data center operating efficiently without blowing the utility bill out of the water can be a challenge.

Testing conventional wisdom

For the most part, organizations involved in KM assume that the information they classify as knowledge is indeed factual and accurate, thereby providing a realistic glimpse into what's going on. But what if that so-called "knowledge" isn't what it's made out to be? In other words, what if an organization's purported knowledge is simply conventional wisdom that has never been questioned?

All work and no play

I'd be the first to tell you that maternity leave-even a generous one spanning a few months-is no day at the beach.

That good-bye look

Was it only two years ago that workers in the US seemed to have all the power? Way back then, with the economy buzzing like a beehive about to issue an IPO on an integrated honeycomb solution, your employees could pick and choose among astounding job offers and demand and get wacky perks (onsite pet massages, anyone?). You handed them checks for doing nothing more than sticking around for another quarter. Remember retention bonuses? Weren't they fun?

Loyalty, shmoyalty

The current job market is decidedly confusing. While headlines are filled with stories of massive layoffs and abrupt bankruptcies, CIOs in the US still struggle to find and retain skilled employees.

Mother knows best

Remember those heady bull-market days when people could pick and choose among a multitude of job offers?