Stories by Jonathan Howell-Jones

Foundry plays it secure after vulnerability scare

Foundry Networks Inc. has launched a range of Layer 4-7 switches as part of a new strategy to incorporate more security into its products. The vendor claims it has improved the resilience and performance of its products, with embedded firewall and content scanning features. The announcement comes just a week after it announced a TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) vulnerability that affects all its products and switches.

Last of the great PSTNs succumbs to liberalisation

The President of the UAE has issued a federal decree that paves the way for the introduction of competition within the telecommunications sector. The new proclamation sets up a Supreme Committee to oversee the telecommunications sector and a Monitoring Authority to track and ensure the smooth running of operations.

Afghanistan makes fresh start on telecoms, networking

KABUL, AFGHANISTAN (09/22/2003) - Afghanistan is on the long, slow road to recovery. While there are many problems still ahead as the country still faces a lack of unification along with extreme poverty, steps are being taken by the private sector to build out the infrastructure of the country and enable Afghanistan to enter the digital age.