Stories by Chuck Yoke

Gap between IPv4 depletion, IPv6 adoption widens

With the Internet's largest-ever upgrade looming, network operators are using up address space based on the current standard -- known as IPv4 -- much faster than they are adopting IPv6, the next-generation standard.

ITIL Version 3 really means business

Version 3 of the Information Technology Infrastructure Library was officially released on 30 May, and from what I have seen, it takes a giant step towards elevating the importance of ITIL from a business standpoint.

Planning for chaos

FRAMINGHAM (10/03/2003) - The project appeared to have all the ingredients for success. Implementing a consolidated campus network would generate a 30 percent reduction in monthly telecom bills. Capital costs were less than US$500,000, senior management endorsed the project and required resources, the work breakdown and milestones were documented and approved and the critical path of key events necessary for the project to be completed on time had been identified.