Stories by David Ramel

Be wary about posting personal info online: recruiters

When it comes to some aspects of finding a job by social networking, Sean Ryan, senior vice president of engineering and a hiring manager at online measurement tools vendor Lyris, has a completely opposite view than most. The vast majority of recruiting professionals say it's important to make sure there's nothing online that could be too personal or embarrassing, or that might turn off potential employers doing a background check.

It's still about security

Wireless adoption in the enterprise, widely seen as a productivity booster, continues to be hampered by security concerns, according to speakers and users here in Palm Desert, California, at Computerworld's Mobile & Wireless World conference.

Rogue user problem persists

Users are driving much of the mobile/wireless innovation in the enterprise, which can cause security, support and management problems, according to speakers and attendees at Computerworld's Mobile & Wireless World conference here in Palm Desert, California.