Stories by Stefan Dubowski

Corporate Canada sees flurry of phone services

Enterprise telecom managers might face some tough choices in the near future as carriers battle for control of the voice-over-IP (VOIP) market, said one industry analyst, speaking on the very day that two new IP phone offerings hit the street.

Successful supply chains match business objectives

With hundreds of options to choose from, how can corporations pick the right supply-chain management (SCM) technology to meet their business goals? The answer, according to one consultant, comes in a single word: "focus."

SAS unveils new marketing automation program

SAS Institute may well have designed a useful new iteration of its customer intelligence software, but only time will tell if it's as much of a pain for IT managers as it is a boon for the enterprise, according to one industry observer.

QoS quandary muzzles VoWLAN

Voice-over-WLAN (VoWLAN) technology is supposed to help end-users stay in touch with customers and colleagues even when they're not at their desks. But it won't come to fruition before network gear makers create quality-of-service (QoS) standards, according to one industry observer.

CRTC looks at VoIP regulation

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) this week released a public notice (PN CRTC 2004-2) that suggests the Commission might regulate local VoIP phone service the same way it regulates plain old telephone service.

VOICECON - Companies go for hybrid IP systems

LAKE BUENA VISTA, FLORIDA (04/05/2004) - The Clark County School District in Las Vegas has to deal with some big numbers: 268,000 students; 26,000 employees; 80,000 PCs and 300 LANs. But one big number the organization isn't willing to countenance is the cost of throwing out its digital phones and replacing them with IP handsets.

Test market rejigs to regain revenue

TORONTO (04/05/2004) - Network operators can expect test-equipment makers to reposition formerly "nice-to-have" products as "must-haves," in their attempt to regain revenues after the economic slowdown, according to one industry research firm.

Bell predicts WLAN boom for enterprise

TORONTO (03/18/2004) - Wireless packages that speak to individual businesses and industry sectors will drive the wireless local area network (WLAN) market, according to one Bell Canada International Inc. executive.

VoiceCon: Are you ready for the second-generation

Network equipment vendors say the enterprise should start thinking of IP (Internet Protocol) telephony as a method of gaining competitive advantages, rather than a cost-saving technology. But that message seems to be garnering mixed reviews from industry observers.

The buck stops with Bell

TORONTO (02/24/2004) - Bell Canada says it's time for the Canadian government to stop regulating its business in "the highly competitive market for high-speed, fibre-based digital services" so customers can "realize the full benefits of competition, including market-driven prices."

Firm looks to investigate patent infringement

TORONTO (02/23/2004) - A Montreal telecom equipment vendor says certain carriers and other network gear makers might have infringed its intellectual property rights, and the firm is prepared to go to court to set things straight.

SOCing it to hackers

TORONTO (01/29/2004) - Brian Dunphy probably hasn't seen every computer security mistake there is to be made under the sun, but those he remembers are doozies.

Telus tends to tattered reputation

TORONTO (01/16/2004) - Telus Corp. says it has improved its service levels after a terrible 2003, but one industry observer wonders if past problems will plague the carrier's reputation.