Stories by Margret Johnston

Broadband bill causes concern in VoIP community

Controversial telecommunications legislation that won the approval last week of a U.S. House of Representatives committee has raised a red flag among companies and organizations active in the development of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

Security hole found in FTP servers

PGP Security's Computer Vulnerability Emergency Response Team (COVERT) has notified three vendors that new vulnerabilities have been discovered in their FTP (file transfer protocol) server software, a PGP official said Monday.

Online music interests converge at Senate hearing

In the on-going squabble over Napster's popular Internet music file sharing system, the US Senate Judiciary Committee played the role of referee again Tuesday, hearing the concerns of a host of interested parties, including technology companies, record labels and musicians.

New name registry offers 20 TLDs

In a direct challenge to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), a new domain name registry on Monday announced that it has begun selling an additional 20 top-level domains (TLDs), including .kids, .travel and .xxx, for US$25 per year.

Microsoft announces streaming beta, ISMA formed

Microsoft on Tuesday made a number of announcements regarding its streaming software, including the beta launch of Windows Media Audio and Video 8, as five other companies said they have formed an alliance to foster standards for media streaming over IP (Internet Protocol).

IDC: Importance of software resellers undiminished

The indirect sale of software by channel resellers is growing steadily despite the arrival of application service providers (ASPs) and other forms of distribution, a report by International Data Corp. says.

PC design counts more than ever

Desktop PC design appears to be on its way toward some major changes, with size and colour being critical in determining the success of the design, a study released by International Data Corporation concludes.