Stories by John Cox

College WLANs put to the test

HANOVER, NEW HAMPSHIRE (10/31/2003) - Each freshman class at Dartmouth College is unique, but this year's crop has at least one thing in common with other classes across the country: a passion for wireless networks.

Wireless LAN throughput on the rise

Think about a wireless local area network (WLAN) with enough throughput to match your switched Ethernet infrastructure. That’s what the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is thinking about.

RIM's new device links up on the links

FRAMINGHAM (09/23/2003) - At the recent Professional Golfers' Association (PGA) golf tournament in Norton, Massachusetts, a wireless service automatically distributed data about each player's shots, within seconds of the official updates.

DEMOMOBILE - Reporter's notebook

LA JOLLA, CALIFORNIA (09/19/2003) - At first, you think maybe it's the California sunshine that incubates these wireless industry entrepreneurs who have 6 minutes apiece at the annual Demomobile show to persuade a group of jaded investors and reporters that their product is the next big thing.

What's next in wireless

On the eve of this week's biannual Intel Developer Forum, Intel announced the second delay of its latest wireless LAN silicon, highlighting the company's struggles to firmly establish a foothold in the wireless arena.

Composing a wireless LAN is the key of 802.11a

There wasn't a lot of action around 11M-bit/sec-rated IEEE 802.11b wireless LANs at NetWorld+Interop 2002 Las Vegas, aside from the show's own wireless net. That's because a number of WLAN vendors showcased 54M-bit/sec-rated 802.11a products. And more will do so in the next couple of months, including Cisco Systems Inc.

Proxim ships first 802.11a wireless LAN card

Proxim this week began shipping the industry's first high-speed IEEE 802.11a wireless LAN product, an interface card for laptops and other computers that offers data throughput of as much as 100Mbit/s.

Ultrafast wireless technology set to lift off

This week the US Federal Communications Commission will decide whether to give the green light to so-called ultra-wideband transmission. If approved, UWB could have a dramatic impact on short-range wireless communications for the enterprise.

Confusion Rife over 'Brown Orifice' Trojan Horse

More than a week after a Silicon Valley computer consultant found a way to view another computer's files by exploiting Java-related flaws in Netscape Communications Corp. browsers, users remain confused about how best to combat the vulnerability.