Stories by John Cox

Wireless networks: The burning questions

Wireless networks might be mainstream across enterprise networks, but that doesn't mean they're no-brainers. Here, we've raised and attempted to answer some of the thornier questions you might still be dealing with.

Michigan man fined for using free Wi-Fi

A Michigan man has been fined US$400 and must work 40 hours of community service for using a local café's <a href="">Wi-Fi</a> connection from his parked car to check his <a href="">e-mail</a> and surf the Web.

Sifting for clues to the future of mobile computing

Apple&#8217;s iPhone, unveiled 912kms away at Macworld in San Francisco, combined with Cisco&#8217;s faster-than-a-speeding-bullet trademark lawsuit against Apple, threatened to relegate the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas earlier this month to a footnote.

Silicon Valley size doesn’t faze wi-fi network winner

The company that will provision and run the 1,500 square-mile wireless mesh network in Silicon Valley that was announced rrecently is an almost unknown, privately held network operator based in Grand Haven, Michigan, home of the world&#8217;s largest musical fountain.

Wireless job skills in hot demand

Scan the job postings: it network job descriptions increasingly cite wireless skills among the requirements. There has also been an influx of training courses in wireless and certification programmes aimed at wireless administration and security. These are adding lustre &#8212; and pay increases &#8212; to a range of wireless networking positions.

IT fuels business success stories at US firms

Three years ago, Federal Express launched a sweeping IT transformation project based on a key insight by Rob Carter, its CIO. Carter amassed data and created a bewildering &#8220;spaghetti chart&#8221; that showed how a spate of acquisitions by the US transport and logistics provider was creating an ever more complex and costly IT infrastructure.

RIM rolls on: New software, acquisition

Hard on the heels of its legal settlement with NTP, Research In Motion is shipping a new release of its server software, and announced the purchase of a software company for voice support on mobile devices.

BlackBerry wins latest Patent Office ruling

Research in Motion has announced that the US Patent and Trademark Office has issued what is known as a final office action, rejecting all claims by NTP on one of its disputed patents.

Hearing set on possible BlackBerry blackout

The next legal skirmish for Research in Motion in its long-running patent battle with NTP will take place Feb. 24 in a federal courtroom closely watched by customers worried that RIM's BlackBerry service could be shut down.

Radio sensors guard hospital's WLAN

A California hospital is beta testing a WLAN radio sensor system to guard against outsiders prying into clinical data and patient records.