Stories by Robert Cringely

Comdex shrinks, Intel blinks

I know it's just a matter of time before SCO sends me a subpoena in its suit against IBM. So to be safe, I’ve gone ahead and granted power of attorney to my dog, Apache. Then again, that might not be the best idea — I understand SCO is subpoenaing everyone with a general public licence.

FrameMaker plagued by urban myth

I heard from lots of readers and from the company itself, telling me the rumour in last week's column about Adobe axing FrameMaker is completely untrue.

The lights go out at Microsoft

Other states may have been laughing at California's recent blackouts, but there's a certain company in Redmond, Washington, that's getting a taste of what it's like.

Maybe Ginger is the solution to California's energy crisis

With the threat of California's rolling blackouts weighing heavily on her plans to use hairdryers, electronic massage chairs, coffee machines and other modern conveniences, Randi left town last week to take a spa retreat. "I don't want to rough it, Bobby," she told me.

Dean Kamen may change the world with new project

Randi is all aflutter, wondering just what this secret project is that Dean Kamen is working on. Kamen is the winner of the National Medal of Technology and most recently created the iBot, an off-road wheelchair.