Stories by Alan S. Horowitz

Outsourcing guide: Brazil

Brazil is well known for the bossa nova, string bikinis and Amazon forests. Less well known is that, by many measures, it's one of the world's major countries. It ranks fifth in both geographic size and population (180 million people) and has the world's eighth-largest economy.

Outsourcing guide: Canada

Many Americans view Canada almost as a 51st state. Canadians, of course, think otherwise. But this fanciful notion has a basis in reality, a fact that suggests that if you want to outsource IT services to another country, Canada is the least risky, most familiar place to do so.

Outsourcing guide: Mexico

Americans tend to view Mexico as a Third World country, which is technically the case. Less appreciated is Mexico's rank as the 11th-biggest economy in the world. With an important economy so close to the US, it's no surprise that Mexico is a player in the global market for IT outsourcing services.