Stories by Matt Berger

Trade groups add voice to antitrust appeal

Two computer industry trade groups have thrown their weight, and piles of legal paper work, behind two states that continue to press Microsoft in its landmark antitrust bout with the US government.

RealNetworks puts more Helix code online

RealNetworks on Monday delivered another component in its strategy to offer a complete set of open source software for creating, delivering and playing back audio and video files over the Internet.

IDC says IT spending has bottomed out

After two years of watching IT spending grind to a near halt, IDC has a new economic outlook that predicts purchases of such things as network equipment and software will stabilize in 2002 and crawl back to reach pre-2001 growth rates by 2006.

Mundie grades Trustworthy Computing one year on

A year ago last week, Microsoft Corp.'s chief technical officer, Craig Mundie, gave a presentation at its Silicon Valley campus that served as the public unveiling of a widespread initiative to improve the security and reliability of Microsoft's products.

Microsoft preps IM for businesses

Microsoft Corp. Wednesday will announce a new package of products and services that modify its consumer instant messaging software to meet the needs of business customers, hoping to tap into the growing market for corporate messaging.

Analysis: Legal experts say Microsoft got off lightly

The behavioral remedies imposed on Microsoft Corp. Friday in its four-year antitrust battle with the U.S. government go soft on the company, legal experts said. Microsoft and the government argued that they will bring a tough but fair resolution to the case.

Microsoft pitches Passport code to developers

Microsoft Corp. will share a portion of the source code for its Passport authentication technology, hoping to spur adoption of its single sign-on software among corporate developers, the company said Thursday.

AOLTW enforces patents with Liberty single sign-on

The single sign-on authentication technology under development by the Liberty Alliance Project could be bound by intellectual property restraints, despite a pledge from project founders who have said the technology will be open and royalty free.

DVD copying software sparks new legal battle

321 Studios LLC is set to release a product that it claims will allow consumers to make perfect copies of their DVDs, but before the product hits the market, the startup must first weather a legal storm brewing in its path.

Liberty Alliance picks up more members

Another 30 companies have thrown their support behind Liberty Alliance Project, an effort to create a standard technology that allows users to travel password-protected Web sites using a single user name and password.

Apache upgrade released to fix security hole

A flaw has been discovered in the newest version of the Apache Web server that could allow an attacker to take control of a user's system, prompting the release Friday of an upgrade to the software.

IDC: Linux spending dips, but is poised for growth

Revenue from new licenses of the Linux operating system declined last year, after a two-year growth spurt. However, a shift in the business model around the open-source operating system is setting Linux up for a boost in revenue through 2006, a recent survey shows.

Nasdaq to delist WorldCom

Troubled telecommunication carrier WorldCom Inc. Monday said it will be delisted from the Nasdaq Stock Market before the opening of trading on Tuesday.