Stories by Jennifer Jones

FTTP: The new DSL?

FRAMINGHAM (09/18/2003) - Fiber to the Premises and DSL are aimed at small businesses, remote offices and consumers, but they have their differences.

FTTP fear factor

FRAMINGHAM (09/18/2003) - Fervor over Fiber to the Premises has the attention of many network executives who, like George Mason University's Randy Anderson, have been locked into reliance on traditional T-1 lines to outfit remote sites with high-speed connectivity.

White House nixes national ID notion

The White House will not pursue a national identification card system, despite renewed clamor from pockets of government and industry following the September 11 terrorist attacks.

Vendors walk thin line

M-commerce vendors know the specter of privacy infringement could stymie their industry

FBI Forks over First Carnivore Documents

A privacy group anxious to sink its teeth into the US Federal Bureau of Investigation's Carnivore program was disappointed Monday after the agency withheld large portions of the documents describing the FBI Internet monitoring program.

CNET Snaps Up Ziff-Davis

Online technology news service CNET will swallow up tech publishing company Ziff-Davis Inc. in a $US1.6 billion deal unveiled Wednesday.

House Passes Internet Access Bill

The U.S. House of Representatives yesterday passed Internet-access legislation that has drawn the ire of VOIP (voice over IP) vendors and supporters.

FBI Places Onus on Businesses to Guard Systems

In the wake of a second day of widespread e-commerce cyber attacks, FBI officials today sent a clear signal to corporate America: businesses have a high degree of responsibility for their own systems.

Y2K Bug Squashed, U.S. Officials Say

As the first business day of 2000 drew to a close on the U.S. East Coast today, Y2K Czar John Koskinen declared the millennium bug squashed and began pulling up stakes at the government's Y2K command center.