Stories by Alexandra Krasne

Spam wars hit the next battlefield

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission expects to release this week its first study about the feasibility of a Do Not E-Mail registry, similar to the Do Not Call registry that has proved a popular deterrent to telemarketers. And spam remains the commission's top priority tech issue, says Howard Beales, director of the FTC's Bureau of Consumer Protection. He spoke in San Francisco at the International Association of Privacy Professionals' Truste Symposium recently, describing the challenges of enforcing spam laws and privacy policies.

First Linux tablet PC

SAN FRANCISCO (10/27/2003) - The first Linux-based tablet, Desktop Evolution Inc.'s US$1,900 De-Tablet, is a good effort, but its software needs additional refinements before it will please the tablet-toting masses.

Pocket PCs to Debut April 19

Pocket PCs, produced by a handful of vendors and running a revised and renamed version of Microsoft Windows CE, will be available for sale in stores and online on April 19, the companies say.

Delayed Windows Millennium beta ships

About 5000 beta testers didn't receive their CD-ROMs containing the debut beta of Windows Millennium last week as expected. But Microsoft sent beta 1 out the door Tuesday morning, after a three-day delay.