Stories by Aki Sugawara

Nintendo GameCube claims second place in Europe

OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA (11/18/2003) - Nintendo Co. Ltd. has claimed that its GameCube console has 25 percent of the market share in Europe, putting the console ahead of the Xbox in the region.

iQue details unveiled

OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA (11/13/2003) - Games retailer Lik-Sang has revealed details of Nintendo Co. Ltd.'s iQue, which is scheduled for a China-only release. The iQue is essentially an N64 contained in a controller, and is made in a process similar to the one used by Sony Corp. to create their integrated PS2 chip for the PSX.

Bard's Tale gets European publisher

OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA (11/10/2003) - Acclaim Entertainment Inc. and inXile Entertainment announced this week a European publishing agreement for inXile's The Bard's Tale. Acclaim will publish inXile's RPG (role-playing game) on multiple console platforms and the PC.

Ghost Recon for PS2 delayed till next year

OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA (11/10/2003) - Ubi Soft Entertainment SA has announced that Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Jungle Storm for Sony Corp.'s PlayStation 2 will be delayed until the first quarter of 2004. The stealth action game had originally been scheduled for a holiday season release.

EyeToy production pumped up

OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA (11/10/2003) - Nam Tai Electronics Inc. announced Monday that it has increased the production capacity of the EyeToy Camera for Sony Corp.'s PlayStation 2 (PS2). In response to growing demand, the company has increased its production capacity of EyeToy by 14 times, changing its output from 50,000 units a month to 750,000 units.

Sony's Eye Toy makes a splash in Europe

OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA (11/03/2003) - The EyeToy: Play, a set of strangely entertaining mini-games for the PlayStation 2's EyeToy webcam, has sold over a million units in Europe.