Stories by Mike Bucken

Tip of the Hat: A solution to the FCC net neutrality problem

Last month's leaking of a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) plan for new net neutrality rules promptly elicited a firestorm of criticism from all sides of the political spectrum for its inclusion of two words -- "commercially reasonable."

Tip of the Hat: Facebook blocks NSA spies -- for now

In the wake of revelations exposed in classified National Security Agency documents leaked to reporters by Edward Snowden, Facebook must show its users that their data is safe from the prying eyes of government spies.

Tip of the Hat: Google's Project Ara unmasked

Since disclosing last fall that an internal research team is developing an open hardware platform for creating highly modular smartphones, Google has offered few details of the effort, dubbed Project Ara.

Tip of the Hat: The 'forking' of Android is inevitable

The open source code that made Android a success is started blunting Google's control over mobile platform. Device makers like Amazon and Nokia are modifying -- or forking -- Android's source code to support its apps rather than Google's.