Stories by Patricia Keefe

Surviving a sea change

The IT community, from code jockeys all the way up to the executive suite, is undergoing a sea change. The existence of everything IT, from job categories to entire departments, is up for reassessment, reassignment -- and maybe even headed toward redundancy.

Santa's little hinderers

Well, I tried. I really did. I was willing to invest the time, twiddle my thumbs while pages loaded, fill my cart and pony up the dough. Problem is, too many online retailers still aren't willing to spend the time, and lack the common sense, necessary to get the customer experience right.

Fight the monopoly

Settlement, schmettlement. Microsoft is on a roll these days. If users don't take some action, the convicted monopolist is going to roll right over them. Once, no one ever got fired for buying Big (Proprietary) Blue. Times changed, but IBM didn't.

The past is prologue

A funny thing happened after the PC revolution. The clunky beige box, which kicked off a downsizing revolution in computing that's reverberated across two decades, has in some ways brought us full circle back to the mainframe era.