Stories by John Mark V. Tuazon

The IT reporting riddle: the CFO or the CEO?

At a time when automation of business processes was the biggest fad among large enterprises, it was natural for CIOs to report to CFOs because such transformations occurred mostly in the areas of finance, such as in deploying accounting packages.

Sustainability is inevitable, SAP official says

The issue of sustainability in business has graduated from mere tree-hugging, philantrophy, and civil service notions, and has moved into a concern that inevitably needs to be tackled head-on by companies, small and large alike, an official from German software company SAP remarked Tuesday.

Social media the new battleground for spam, malware: Sophos

In the early days of the Internet, e-mail used to be the major carrier of spam messages on the Web. Today, according to security solutions firm Sophos, spammers have shifted to social networking sites--where users are many and prevalent--in carrying out their dastardly deeds.