Stories by Ed Foster

Users divided on merits of Windows and open source

For corporate environments, how viable an alternative to Microsoft is Linux and other open source software? I’m not qualified to answer that question, but as the issues around Microsoft’s copy protection, licensing and software quality mount, it’s one that more and more people are asking. The answers they reach, however, seem to be split pretty evenly on both sides of my concern.

Hell on wheels

Microsoft recently announced a deal with BMW Group to use Windows CE in the navigation systems of its cars. That much is reality, but what follows is my vision of a future scenario we might expect should current licensing trends continue. If you have been paying attention, though, you'll realise such a future might not be all that distant.

Check the fine print

Bill Gates says security is Microsoft's top priority, but just whose security does he have in mind? Consider some of Microsoft's recent boilerplate legalese -- language you or your company might already have unknowingly accepted -- and then decide for yourself.

Spammers prey on fears

In spite of all that's changed since September 11, isn't it nice to know that there's at least one constant? No matter what the situation, we can count on spammers to try and take advantage of us.

BSA's truce campaigns

Under the name of the Business Software Alliance (BSA), Microsoft and its allies continue to bombard small businesses with anti-piracy mailings demanding that customers audit their licensing compliance; it is becoming pretty obvious who the real buccaneers are in search of plunder.

MS sins, limits users' tech support

There was a time when "unlimited free support" meant just that. Now the only thing unlimited is the scope vendors give themselves for changing their policies.

The fight against spam

Opting out of spam has never worked, but readers say it's getting harder to report spam abuse to the spammers' service providers. These readers say the service providers seem to agree with the spammers' point of view.