Stories by Siobhan McBride

IT graduates sought in Oz

Australia's largest banks and telecomms carriers are embarking on innovative career programmes in a bid to attract the best and brightest graduates.

Companies turn their back on IT governance

Australian organizations are showing extreme diversity when it comes to IT governance, with less than 50 percent of non-government enterprises currently using a consistent method for assessing IT risk.

IT body asks for job protection against offshoring

The Australian Computer Society (ACS) called on the Australian federal government yesterday to protect local ICT jobs against offshoring when it released a policy framework that includes re-skilling displaced workers.

New technology bites hands that run it

Innovative technology could be your worst enemy. Ironically, the biggest threat to IT jobs isn't offshore outsourcing, tight budgets, hiring freezes or project failures, but new technology.

License watch urged as software piracy soars

With business software piracy costing Australia more than $A220 million ($US150 million) each year in lost sales, end users are being urged to be more careful about their licensing requirements and undertake closer asset management.

University cache boosts 'Net access

In a bid to drive down internet infrastructure costs and improve download speed, the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) is implementing a solution to provide 700GB of hard disk storage space across four campuses.