Stories by Joanne Cummings

United Airlines makes its storage work smarter

When you tell him that most storage administrators manage between 30TB and 60TB each, Samuel Turner smiles. As United Airlines’ manager of storage utility services, he has good reason: his staffers each manage triple that.

Web 2.0: people who need people

With all the hype surrounding Web 2.0 technologies, serious IT organizations may be tempted to dismiss them as just more consumer-oriented fads. After all, do we really need something like MySpace or YouTube on the corporate network?

A recipe for trust: fingertip control tops the menu

The Massachusetts-based restaurant chain is pioneering the use of a little known security chip, the Trusted Platform Module (TPM), that comes inside every Dell laptop and desktop the company buys. Not only does the chip generate and store encryption keys, helping to protect the chain’s business data, but it also enables easy finger-swipe or password-based authentication, guarding against identity theft for its employees and customers. When used with Wave Systems’ Embassy Trust Suite (ETS) software, the chip provides Papa Gino’s with a chain of trust, from the laptop or desktop, all the way to the server and datacentre.

Storage gets smarter

FRAMINGHAM (09/23/2003) - Remember when cutting storage costs and administrative headaches simply meant implementing a storage-area network? Those days are gone. Now storage heavyweights Brocade Communications Systems Inc. and Cisco Systems Inc. are pushing a new panacea - moving storage intelligence off storage area network (SAN) servers and storage devices and into the SAN fabric itself.

Managing champions

Invisible to upper management. Ignored when it came to advancement. Dene Bettmeng learned the hard way what can happen when you don't have a mentor within the upper echelons of your IT organization. "I didn't have anybody going to bat for me, and when it came time for promotions, I wasn't considered because they basically forgot I was there," Bettmeng says.