Stories by Michael S. Lasky

PDA and cell phone fashions

SAN FRANCISCO (03/17/2004) - This column usually covers gadget ware, but this month it's about gadget wear: a pair of sports jackets with a slew of inside pockets dedicated to storing mobile phones, PDAs, small laptops, spare batteries, and heaven-knows-what-else.

Battle of the gadget store titans

SAN FRANCISCO (02/18/2004) - I shop for food and clothes because I have to. I shop for gadgets because I love to. And aside from a cleverly stocked hardware store here or there, I have found few retailers dedicated to gadgets except the two Goliaths of the category: Sharper Image, with some 140 stores, and Brookstone, with about 260.

CES - Amphony headphones cut the cord

LAS VEGAS (01/12/2004) - Amphony GmbH, a German technology company, is offering the world's first 5.8-GHz digital wireless RF headphones, for high-end, cordless audio sound.

Wave good-bye, SoundWorks for me

SAN FRANCISCO (11/25/2003) - It all started when I got tired of not being able to identify a song (and its artist) as I listened to the radio. You know how it goes -- you hear a tune you like, and you wait until the end for the DJ to announce the name of the song. Either you're distracted and miss it, or even worse, you wait through three more songs and then the DJ doesn't tell you at all. There had to be some way I could get this info without having to call the radio station or search its Web site -- if I could find it at all.

Microsoft's tilting mouse

SAN FRANCISCO (10/27/2003) - Here's a mouse that takes convenience and comfort to the next level: Microsoft Corp.'s Wireless Optical Mouse with proprietary Tilt Wheel Technology.

Nextel ships first mobile Java phones

Feature-rich wireless phones that take on many functions of mobile computers, including Java applications, are being released this week by Nextel Communications.