Stories by Martin LaMonica

Data analysis seeks broad redemption

You don't typically associate data warehousing with cutting costs. The practice suffers from a history of bloated, over-budget projects that sullied the image of data analytics in general. This situation was further frustrated by the implementation of tightly locked ERP (enterprise resource planning) applications that effectively transfer operational data between ERP modules but are nearly impossible to crack for data analysis.

Putting an end to channel conflict

We've seen every industry stumble and grasp for solutions to the problem of channel conflict -- using e-commerce to cut out trusted distribution and retail partners.

Handicapping an IT industry battle royale

Software as a service. E-services. The utility model of computing. ASP (application service provider). Hosted applications. Vendors have come up with a dozen ways to name the predicted shift in today's computing model away from packaged software or in-house development to outsourced application services that customers pay for on a subscription model.

Information sharing drives B2B players

Where does your physical product end and the surrounding bits begin? It may not be the most appealing way to describe how companies are adding information services to their goods, but useful content, delivered electronically, is becoming a crucial competitive weapon in e-business.

Swimming against the peer-to-peer tide

When most IT managers hear "peer-to-peer computing", they think of Harry and Suzie in accounting bringing down the entire corporate network by downloading and swapping MP3 music files.

Internet Privacy Stumbles Forward

Three groups -- regulators, the high-tech industry, and privacy advocates -- are clumsily defining what eventually will become accepted business practices for using consumer data. And because of the speed of change and a lack of coordination between government and business, concern over privacy abuses is swelling. If this situation continues, everyone loses because useful personalized services will never reach their potential.

Seeing Opportunity in B2B Politics

Reality has a way of putting the brakes on the wheels of progress when it comes to visions of the great frictionless economy. These days, the hype meter is highest in the business-to-business e-commerce world, an area that continues to see more funding and more start-ups than the fallen business-to-consumer crowd. And with the euphoria comes difficult decisions and risks.

B2B connections get automated

One of the thornier challenges of wide-scale business-to-business e-commerce is the amount of software integration work required to connect different business partners' systems.

CA Releases InterBiz Suite, Unveils ASP Plans

Computer Associates International Inc.'s Interbiz division released for general availability its BizWorks line of enterprise applications Monday and acknowledged plans to spin off portions of the business unit to accelerate the launch of hosted applications in an ASP (application service provider) model.