Stories by Lucian Constantin

Beware of browser extension malware

Security researcher Zoltan Balazs has developed a remote-controlled piece of malware that functions as a browser extension and is capable of modifying web pages, downloading and executing files, hijacking accounts, bypassing two-factor authentication security features enforced by some websites, and much more.

NSA chief seeks help from hackers

Gen. Keith B. Alexander, National Security Agency director, addressed attendees of the recent Defcon hacker conference and asked for their help to secure cyberspace.

Flame's Windows Update hack wins Pwnie Award at Black Hat

The judging panel of the Pwnie Awards, which are handed out every year at the Black Hat security conference for achievements and failures in IT security, have recognised the Windows Update hack used by the Flame cyberespionage malware as the most impressive compromise of the past 12 months.