Stories by Carol Sliwa

Users not rushing on Vista, Office 2007

Although Microsoft is staging the general launch of Windows Vista and Office 2007, corporate users have had access to the new software since late November.

US state to adopt plug-in ODF strategy for disabled

Louis Gutierrez, CIO of Massachusetts’ IT division, recently said the state will postpone a January 1 deadline to roll out open-source software that can save files in the Open Document Format (ODF). Instead, the state will, on a near-term basis, adopt a plug-in strategy to fulfil its policy calling for executive-branch agencies to make use of ODF.

OpenDocument plans questioned by disabled

Two words came to mind when John Winske, president of the Boston-based Disability Policy Consortium, learned just before Labour Day last year that Massachusetts was planning to adopt the OpenDocument Format for Office Applications as a standard for its executive-branch agencies.

Microsoft taps Wal-Mart exec to be new COO

Microsoft Corp. tapped Kevin Turner, a 40-year-old executive at Wal-Mart Stores Inc., to fill the position of chief operating officer. Turner will be responsible for the strategic and operational leadership of Microsoft's sales, marketing and service professionals, as well as the company's fulfillment and IT operations, according to a statement released Thursday by the software vendor. He will join Microsoft on Sept. 8.

The long and winding road

On a road map, the data encoded in a RFID (radio frequency identification) tag will endure a long but clear-cut journey, traveling thousands of miles from a manufacturer's warehouse to a retailer's distribution center in a chip no bigger than the head of a pin. But the data's path gets more complicated as it wends its way through the various middleware and back-office applications that will ultimately make it useful in the retail supply chain.

Microsoft won't ship WinFS with Longhorn

Microsoft Friday announced a significant change in plans for the next major release of Windows, code-named Longhorn. The new Windows storage subsystem code-named WinFS will not be part of the Longhorn operating system, as had been previously planned.

Microsoft focuses on Linux threat with partners

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer simply couldn't remain seated when asked to discuss the benefits of commercial vs. open-source software during a keynote question-and-answer session at last week's Worldwide Partner Conference in Toronto.

JAVAONE - Sun and BEA push to make Java easy

Developers at this week's JavaOne conference will get a chance to check the progress that tools vendors have made in their long quest to ease Java programming so they can better compete against Microsoft.

Eclipse director on 3.0 development platform

The Eclipse Foundation last week announced the launch of the 3.0 version of its open-source development platform -- the first major release since the nonprofit group assumed oversight of the IBM-created technology.

Microsoft exec nails down Windows Server road map

A Microsoft Corp. executive this week cleared up the heretofore cloudy road map for its Windows Server line -- nailing down 2005 for a product update code-named R2 and 2007 for the next major operating system release, known as Longhorn.