Stories by Yardena Arar

Deconstructing the draft 802.11n Wi-Fi hype

You'll soon see a raft of Wi-Fi products on store shelves that say they are compliant with a new draft of the 802.11n wireless standard. Wireless networking is often confusing, and draft standards are even more so. If you're shopping for Wi-Fi gear, should you care?

Microsoft previews Vista, next Office

Previews of new Windows Vista graphics and a dramatic interface overhaul for Microsoft Office are on the agenda for Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates' keynote at Microsoft's Provessional Developers Conference in Los Angeles.

Microsoft updates OneNote

Microsoft Corp. is updating its OneNote note-taking application with a service pack that adds significant new features, including ones that increase Office integration and support syncing with Pocket PC notes.

PDC - Sneak a peek at the next Windows

LOS ANGELES (10/28/2003) - Bill Gates has offered the first public peek at Microsoft Corp.'s next Windows, calling the multimedia-heavy update "the biggest release of this decade, the biggest since Windows 95."

Palm's power lineup

SAN FRANCISCO (10/27/2003) - If you're wavering between a Palm and a Pocket PC for your next PDA (personal digital assistant), Palm Inc. makes the decision even harder with innovative models that address prior products' weaknesses. I tried out shipping versions of the US$399 Tungsten T3 and the $199 Tungsten E, as well as the more consumer-oriented, $99 Zire 21. (If you need Wi-Fi, also called wireless fidelity, and/or phone capability, none of these Palms will be a good fit.)

Palm Refreshes Tungsten, Zire PDAs

SAN FRANCISCO (10/01/2003) - Choosing a handheld is getting tougher: Palm Inc. is releasing two new corporate-oriented Tungsten models, plus the entry-level Zire 21.

DSL speeds, cellular coverage

SAN FRANCISCO (09/22/2003) - Most of the people who have broadband Internet access love it, but not everyone who wants it can get it. DSL, cable, fiber optics, and other wired high-speed alternatives simply aren't available to every office and home. But what if you could get a wireless broadband data connection as easily as, say, a cell phone signal?

Windows XP to ship October 25

Windows XP will launch on October 25, amid "hundreds of millions" of dollars' worth of festivities that will dwarf the publicity blitz for Windows 95, Microsoft has announced.

Netscape 6: A Lean Browsing Machine

Netscape is back. After three years without anything but point releases, the browser that helped put the Web into gear is revving up again--so radically altered that its creators decided to change its name and skip a release number.