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Colt rolls out modular data centre designs

Data centre infrastructure provider Colt has launched a set of modular designs that it claims offer end users unprecedented flexibility in power density, size and Tier configurations.

Soca details its battles against cybercriminals

The <a href="">Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA)</a> has revealed details of two major cyber crime cases and completed an overhaul of its IT systems to meet its operational needs.

Smaller firms 'failing the green test'

A quarter of small firms have not taken any steps to make their businesses greener and a growing number are recognizing they are not environmentally friendly, according to new research from the SERTeam at the Open University and Lloyds TSB Business.

UK government warned on wasteful IT disposal

At least 60 percent of U.K. government bodies are paying specialist companies to dispose of their unwanted information and communication technology (ICT) equipment, rather than taking steps to sell their ICT assets while they are still worth something, the National Audit Office has warned.